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We are all dealing with anxiety, depression, and the stressors of everyday life.

Unsure how to *deal*?

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More Than You See is a platform providing resources, personal stories, and a place to start diving into your mental health. Because we are all More Than You See. #YESiAmMore

Do you have a story you want to share with the community? By sharing stories we remind each other that we are all human, we are all struggling and we are not alone.

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5 days ago
Some good news for your day 💙 .
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This week I asked you to send me #SomeGoodNews
And look what happened!
Link to full show in bio!
2 weeks ago
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For anyone else dealing with a high level of anxiety and fear right now, this is a great thing to do twice a day. I’m finding it extremely helpful. @elizabeth_gilbert
2 weeks ago
Schedule for checkins starting tomorrow right here at @morethan_yousee. If you need some grounded positivity, check in live. I’ll have activities and dance parties and ways we can all get through th
2 weeks ago
Repost from @shinetext - How do you cope with anxiety? Share your tips below! 📸: @twentysevenlkld . .
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2 weeks ago
Great tips right here to help with the anxiety we are all feeling. ❤️
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to anxious scrolling
[art/words: @themindgeek]
🌙Q U E S T I
3 weeks ago
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Holding everyone in my heart, honoring all that is happening, and noticing a deep surge of hope and gratitude mixed within all of it. 💫
4 months ago
@ashadahya’s story: The pic from 2012 I look so skinny, I have a thigh gap, I have no stomach fat, no cellulite and I look so happy! Except I wasn’t. I was going through a rough divorce, my career
4 months ago
For anyone who needs to hear this today or any day 💖💖💖 Posted @withrepost • @kristenanniebell 💖💗💫🧠👣