A podcast and resource library so YOU can build your own...MENTAL HEALTH TOOLKIT

Explore books, other podcasts, personal stories, articles, videos so you can start diving into your mental health. Because we are all More Than You See. #YESiAmMore

Where Should I Start?

We are all dealing with anxiety, depression, and the stressors of everyday life.

Unsure how to *deal*?

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You never know what may help you through the ups and downs...


Listen to the latest episode of the podcast where Deborah dives into resources, topics and conversations around mental health. 


Books that cover a wide range of subjects from depression, self-love, loneliness, and more...


Podcasts can be an incredible resource. You never know what you might learn by listening to other's stories of their journey through depression  and dark times. 


From TeD Talks to YouTube videos, videos can be an incredible way to learn from, and about, others.


Articles covering mental health, stress, relationships. anxiety, etc.


There are incredible organizations out there for crisis management, suicide prevention, bullying etc. I list a few of them here...

About our Podcast Host/ Founder


I'm  Deborah Lee Smith

I'm an actor, filmmaker, and mental health advocate. After going through my own deep depression, I realized that the thing that pulled me through the dark times, wasn't just my therapist (who's amazing), but non traditional resources like books, podcasts, songs, videos, etc. I felt a deep need for my community to be more open about our struggles, so I built a platform and podcast to ensure you don't feel alone and to help you build your own Mental Health Toolkit. Explore resources, listen to the podcast, and reach out if you want to share your own personal story! Together, we can destigmatize mental health, practice grace for ourselves and others, and remember that we are all MORE THAN YOU SEE. 

“I built this platform to share our struggles and the resources we use to crawl out of the darkness. We need to end the stigma around mental health, because we all need to care for and love our brains, the way we do any other organ in our body." 

Deborah Lee Smith