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We are all dealing with anxiety, depression, and the stressors of everyday life.

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More Than You See is a platform providing resources, personal stories, and a place to start diving into your mental health. Because we are all More Than You See. #YESiAmMore

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2 months ago
The holidays can be difficult for many. Whether you’re with the family you’ve created or the family you were born into. Whether you’re with friends or on your own, know that you are not alone. S
2 months ago
@ashadahya’s story: The pic from 2012 I look so skinny, I have a thigh gap, I have no stomach fat, no cellulite and I look so happy! Except I wasn’t. I was going through a rough divorce, my career
3 months ago
For anyone who needs to hear this today or any day 💖💖💖 Posted @withrepost • @kristenanniebell 💖💗💫🧠👣
4 months ago
As #WorldMentalHealthDay winds to a close, let’s remember to be open, loving, and remember that mental health is important every day. Thank you for sharing your story @saratomko19 ♥️


4 months ago
We are all here for you. Thank you @active_minds for sharing this incredible resource. #repost • @active_minds A conversation can be life-saving. Three simple words can mean so much to someone who i
4 months ago
Sometimes being vulnerable and honest with yourself and others is about sharing your struggle and ability to overcome addiction. Thank you for sharing your story @bri.and.my.mini 💖 #YESiAmMore
5 months ago
Do you have an exercise routine that helps you get through the week? Day? Hours? 🙋🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏾‍♀️⁣

#exerciseformentalhealth #mentalheal
5 months ago
@mandolinkelly’s story: ⬇️♥️⬇️⁣
In 2016 I reacted to the crisis in our Democracy by quitting the film industry and my Michelin Star Restaurant Job to support the Indigenous resistance