Community stories below were shared originally on our Instagram account.

These stories vary in length, experiences, and style, but they are all an exploration of the struggles and personal battles we go through on a daily basis. The longer stories are personal essays shared by members of our community, and excerpts have been shared on Instagram.

Stories shared on our blog

Imogen’s Imaginary Friends

A whimsical representation of mental illness as Imogen gets ready for her day accompanied by her own personal demon. Written, Directed, and Produced by Jessica Erin Martin Jessica Erin Martin is an award-winning actress and filmmaker hailing from Seattle. She started her career in regional theater and has performed on stages across the country. Now…

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Katina’s Story About Panic Attacks

Throughout the years I remember feeling anxious at times, which would come and go, but I never equated it to anything more than “That was a weird feeling”.  And I never spoke about it because I didn’t really understand what it was.  Then, in the middle of last year, I had my first large panic…

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