Imogen’s Imaginary Friends 

 May 18, 2020

By  Deborah Lee Smith

Short Film: Imogen’s Imaginary Friends

A whimsical representation of mental illness as Imogen gets ready for her day accompanied by her own personal demon.

Written, Directed, and Produced by Jessica Erin Martin

Jessica Erin Martin is an award-winning actress and filmmaker hailing from Seattle. She started her career in regional theater and has performed on stages across the country. Now located in LA, Jessica has appeared in commercials, film, and television.

As a director, she has made acclaimed shorts: post apocalyptic drama, For Patrick, and political thriller, Dirty Laundry. Her improvised sci-fi comedy web series, Abby & Tabby Alone in the Desert, is now streaming on Seed&Spark.

Mental health awareness is very important to Jessica, and she is pleased to have created Imogen’s Imaginary Friends to increase visibility on this topic.

Written and Directed by Jessica Erin Martin
Starring Deborah Lee Smith & Andi Norris
Cinematography by Sam Chaterjee
Costumes by Maggie Chan
Makeup by Josie Cordovez
Edited by Puppett
Score by Catherine Joy
Assistant Directed by Elena Weinberg
Script Supervisor was Sarah J Eagen
Produced by Deborah Lee Smith and Jessica Erin Martin

Produced and Starring Deborah Lee Smith

Deborah Lee Smith is a Los Angeles based actor, producer, and founder of Alette Entertainment.  After obtaining her BA in Theater and English Lit at UC Berkeley, she traveled to Australia to pursue her Master’s degree in Film Production, while still acting on stage and screen.

As a producer, she currently has four feature films under her belt including Here Awhile starring Anna Camp and the action/thriller Last Three Days in which she starred opposite General Hospital’s Robert Palmer Watkins.  She currently has the ability to work as an actor and producer in both LA and Australia and is in development on several projects for each market.

Deborah is also a vocal mental health advocate and founder of “More Than You See”, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing stories and resources surrounding the daily struggles of mental health.

Starring Andi Norris

Andi Norris is a action actor and creature performer based in Los Angeles. Whether covered in Lycra or foam and silicone, she thrives on bringing the supernatural, fantastical, and terrifying to life. Having the opportunity to play in the world of Imogen was an honor. As someone who daily lives with demons, both practical and emotional, she hopes this film helps build connection and challenge stigma.

Deborah Lee Smith

Hi there! I'm an actor, producer, and writer who is devoted to storytelling and mental health awareness. After struggling through my own mental health, I found that non-traditional resources, like the ones we explore on More Than You See, helped me immensely get through my dark times. Thus, this website and podcast were born! I look forward to helping you gain agency over your mental health journey as you build your own toolkit of resources, tips, and ideas. Because you never know what might help pull you out of the darkness, and we are all More Than You See.   

Deborah Lee Smith

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