More Than You See 4: 5.04 Self-Love, Overcoming Struggles & Finding Inspiration in Media with Brittany Rizzo 

 March 6, 2024

By  Deborah Lee Smith

In Season 5 Episode 4 of the More Than You See podcast, Deborah Lee Smith dives into a rich conversation with actor and podcaster Brittany Rizzo.

Brittany, known for her TV & mental health-focused podcast 'My Only Friends', shares her journey of self-discovery, the therapeutic value of Pop Culture, and her struggles with mental health.

They cover managing mental wellness in the acting industry, the importance of building a mental health toolbox, and the impact of social media. Through Brittany's story of joining an outpatient program, listeners are encouraged to find gratitude in their support systems and to practice asking for help.

The episode emphasizes taking inspiration from fictional characters and the significance of staying present in challenging moments. Brittany's openness provides insights into facing mental health challenges and the journey towards finding one's worth and purpose.

00:42 Guest Introduction: Brittany Rizzo

01:34 Discussion on Mental Health and Personal Experiences

02:42 Interview with Brittany Rizzo Begins

03:37 Personal Stories and Experiences

03:46 Discussion on Women's Reproductive Rights

05:49 The Importance of Support and Gratitude

08:26 The Role of TV Shows in Mental Health

12:38 The Impact of Personal Struggles on Mental Health

22:41 The Importance of Self-Worth and Recognizing Triggers

25:56 Rapid Fire Questions

27:59 Acts of Kindness and Gratitude

28:57 Acting, Emotions, and Mental Health

30:21 Coping with Bad Mental Health Days

32:34 Balancing Acting and Salon Work

35:04 Self-Love and Personal Growth

35:58 Overcoming Struggles and Seeking Help

45:21 The Need for Validation and Self-Worth

47:23 The Impact of Acting Industry on Mental Health

51:02 Conclusion: Embracing the Journey and Living in the Moment

About Brittany:

Brittany Rizzo is an actress, singer, and podcast host. Her show My Only Friends is a mental health podcast that highlights what TV shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment help people get through their mental health struggles and hard times.

Brittany's Links:

Personal Instagram


Podcast Instagram


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