More Than You See 5: 5.05 Building Your Creative Community & Being Unapologetically Authentic with Brad Rushing 

 March 20, 2024

By  Deborah Lee Smith

In Season 5 Episode 5 of the More Than You See podcast, Deborah has an in-depth conversation with Brad Rushing, a celebrated musician and cinematographer known for his work on top movies on Netflix, HBO, and other platforms.

This episode explores Brad's multi-disciplinary approach to life as an artist and how his identity has shaped his journey. Brad shares his experience navigating the industry, his creative processes in cinematography and music, and the importance of being unapologetically authentic.

He discusses the challenges and lessons learned from the recent film industry strike, personal traumas, and the therapeutic aspects of immersing in music.

Throughout the conversation, Brad emphasizes the significance of community, authenticity, and self-awareness in both professional and personal spheres, offering insights into finding one's group of people and the impact of being genuine on mental health and relationships.

00:42 Brad Rushing: A Multidisciplinary Artist's Journey

01:38 Embracing Authenticity and Finding Your Tribe

03:41 Brad's Personal Struggles and Triumphs During the Industry Strike

05:59 The Power of Collaboration and Building Your Creative Community

12:03 Exploring Musical Diversity and the Freedom of Being a Multi-Hyphenate Artist

17:33 The Therapeutic Journey of Rediscovering Music

21:47 Opening Up About Depression and the Quest for Authenticity

26:45 Navigating Misunderstandings and Embracing Authenticity

28:42 Rapid Fire Questions

34:02 The Creative Process and Overcoming Personal Struggles

45:02 Embracing the Multifaceted Self and Future Excitements

48:02 Finding Hope and Value in Commitment and Creativity

50:53 Reflections and Gratitude: Wrapping Up the Podcast

About Brad:

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Brad expressed an aptitude for art and science from a very early age. He majored in fine art at Houston's prestigious High School For The Performing And Visual Arts and also college where he added filmmaking for a double major.

Early filmmaking experience afforded Brad some of his first feature film opportunities as Director of Photography. After a number of years concentrating on indie feature films, Brad began to shoot high-end music videos photographing award-winning, iconic clips for artists like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Nelly and Eminem.

Brad has achieved a reputation as a gifted commercial cinematographer. Brad’s recent cinematography highlights include the Netflix Original feature films “A California Christmas” and “A California Christmas: City Lights.”, “Holiday Harmony” on Max, “Alarmed” on Tubi, and “The Island” on Starz.

Brad's experience with visual effects led to an invitation to join as a full member of the Visual Effects Society. He is also a member of The Television Academy. Brad Rushing is known for being well-prepared, organized, fast, efficient, and always friendly and cheerful. He is a longtime vegetarian, animal lover, artist, musician, and songwriter.

Brad's Links:

Personal Instagram
⁠”Just Call On Me” (Song)

“Dreams Are All I Have” (Song)

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