More Than You See 5. Hello Habits. It’s me, Deborah. 

 February 8, 2021

By  Deborah Lee Smith

THIS WEEK: Join me this week for a conversation about habits. Why our brain creates them, what we can do to change them, and how our habits help and hinder our mental health. Also, I am introducing a new segment of the podcast in which I share your stories, questions, or suggestions around mental health and mental health resources. Want to contribute? Leave us a voice message on our anchor site HERE or DM us on social media!

Background on the show: Every week join me, Deborah Lee Smith actor, filmmaker, mental health advocate for a conversation on mental health like you’ve never heard before. My platform, More Than You See is dedicated to exploring nontraditional mental health resources to help you build your own emotional wellness toolkit. I absolutely discuss therapy, the importance of medication, and highlight organizations around the world devoted to destigmatizing mental health, but I also focus on books, personal practices, podcasts, TED Talks etc, because here’s the thing… I’m not a liked practitioner or therapist. I’m just a woman exploring my own journey with mental health and sharing my experiences and the experiences of the community with you, the listener. Join me for a weekly conversation every Monday that will be sure to bring a smile to your face and help you feel a little less alone. Because we’re all More Than You See.

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