More Than You See 6: 5.06 The Power Of Investing In Yourself with Deborah Lee Smith 

 April 17, 2024

By  Deborah Lee Smith

In this mini-episode of the More Than You See podcast, Deborah discusses the importance of investing in oneself, particularly in the context of creativity and mental health.

The conversation delves into the idea that investing in oneself goes beyond financial aspects and includes nurturing creativity, personal health, and mental well-being.

Everyone, not just creatives, should prioritize investing in themselves as a holistic approach to personal and professional growth.


00:39 Reflecting on Creativity with Brad Rushing

01:35 The Journey of Producing 'Glitter Bomb'

03:52 The Power of Investing in Yourself

05:54 Everyday Investments: Health, Reading, and Personal Joy

09:17 Revisiting Monetary Investment and Creative Careers

13:42 Embracing Self-Investment for a Fulfilling Career and Life

16:29 Closing Thoughts and Gratitude

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New here? Every Wednesday join me, Deborah Lee Smith (actor, filmmaker, and mental health advocate) for a conversation with creatives about their mental health journeys. We discuss the highs, lows, and in-betweens of a creative career and the tools they use to get through it all. Our hope is that you will resonate with their journey, pick up some tips and tricks for your own mental health, and most importantly, feel a little less alone. Because we’re all More Than You See.

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Deborah Lee Smith

Hi there! I'm an actor, producer, and writer who is devoted to storytelling and mental health awareness. After struggling through my own mental health, I found that non-traditional resources, like the ones we explore on More Than You See, helped me immensely get through my dark times. Thus, this website and podcast were born! I look forward to helping you gain agency over your mental health journey as you build your own toolkit of resources, tips, and ideas. Because you never know what might help pull you out of the darkness, and we are all More Than You See.   

Deborah Lee Smith

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