More Than You See 7: 5.07 Navigating Life Transitions & Mindfulness Practices with Elizabeth Boykewich 

 May 1, 2024

By  Deborah Lee Smith

This episode of the More Than You See podcast features an in-depth conversation with Elizabeth Boykewich, a casting director and career coach, about her journey through the entertainment industry and how it intertwined with her personal growth and mental health.

They dive into topics such as the impact of corporate culture shifts, the challenges of living with an autoimmune disease, and the transition from casting to career coaching. Elizabeth shares her insights on the importance of mental health tools, her approach to overcoming personal and professional obstacles, and how mindfulness practices have transformed her life.

Throughout the episode, practical advice for creatives navigating their careers and mental health is provided, highlighting the significance of self-listening, present awareness, and embracing one's unique skills and passions.


00:41 Spotlight on Elizabeth Boykewich: Casting Director Turned Career Coach

02:17 Elizabeth's Personal Journey: Battling Autoimmune Disease and Embracing Change

12:38 The Evolution of a Casting Career

20:54 Supporting Actors Beyond the Screen: Mental Health and Social Media Guidance

28:40 Navigating Industry Changes and Personal Growth with Elizabeth Boykewich

33:13 Rapid Fire Questions: Getting Personal with Elizabeth

33:29 Unveiling Personal Fears and Preferences

34:11 Transitioning from Casting to Coaching

34:53 Deep Dive into Spiritual Psychology and Personal Growth

38:24 Applying Spiritual Insights to Professional Life

42:38 Navigating Career Transitions and Embracing Multiplicity

53:34 Practical Tools for Personal Development

58:00 Embracing Vulnerability and Presence

01:03:01 Reflections and Takeaways

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Boykewich spent two successful decades as the Senior Vice President of Talent & Casting at The Walt Disney Company. She loved discovering new stars, identifying where artists were most powerful and often said that her purpose was to give them “a platform to shine.” In 2013, Elizabeth felt a call to do this same meaningful work on a larger scale. She earned an MA in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling & Facilitation from the University of Santa Monica. Elizabeth continues to study all kinds of healing modalities and mindfulness techniques.

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