More Than You See 9: 4.09 Life Changes, Perspective Shifts as Creatives & The Impact of Social Media with Helenna Santos 

 November 8, 2023

By  Deborah Lee Smith

We're back for episode 9 this week with a brand new episode of the More Than You See Podcast with special guest Helenna Santos. This episode dives into how our perspective on art and career changes throughout our lives, dealing with major life changes, the impact social media has on us, and finding creativity in unexpected places.

About Helenna:

Helenna Santos is an actor, photographer, writer, and producer.  

She has appeared in many network TV shows including Virgin River (Netflix),  Fire Country (CBS), The Flash (CW), and The Good Doctor (ABC), as well as studio movies and national commercials. She has produced and starred in two feature films as well as numerous award-winning short films and digital series. 
Helenna is the author of the poetry book A Long Dark Summerand was the founder/editor-in-chief of the entertainment website Ms. In The Biz for its seven year run. Her work as a contributing writer has been featured in a variety of publications including MovieMaker, Backstage, Film Inquiry, WeScreenplay, and BUST Magazine. 

As a photographer Helenna specializes in portrait, editorial, and lifestyle photography for actors, various performers, and creative entrepreneurs. 

Helenna is a mix of Filipino/Russian/German heritage, a US and Canadian dual citizen, and currently resides in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia with her husband and their Bernedoodle pup.  She is an indie film fanatic, an avid reader, and loves sharing creative inspiration via her Substack blog.

Helenna's Links:

Personal Website

Photography Website


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