Podcasts: Michael Gervais 

 May 19, 2019

By  Deborah Lee Smith

Podcasts: Michael Gervais on ARMCHAIR EXPERT

From The Armchair Website:

Michael Gervais is a high-performance psychologist and co-founder of Compete to Create. In this episode of Experts on Expert, Michael sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss working on the RedBull Stratos project, the nuisance of overcoming mental obstacles and his work with Microsoft employees to maximize work performance. The two talk about the mindfulness revolution, optimal coaching techniques and steps to train your mind.

“They have done the internal deep work, and nobody can do this work for another human, but they’ve done the work to know the principles to guide their thoughts, their words, and their actions. And when you have alignment between your thoughts, your words, and your actions across environment, those are powerful human beings. Those are people we are attracted to because they have done the real work, they stand for something. (…) That’s Mandela, that was Buddha…”

– Michael Gervais

This podcast episode is an incredible look at the science behind mindfulness. Mindfulness is such a buzz word at the moment, but this episode really explores how our brains function when we are putting all our focus on one singular thing. Michael explains actual step by step instructions for how to train your mind. It is a hugely important episode for anyone who is interested in elevating themselves to the next level.

From our founder: “I found this episode to be an incredible listen from beginning to end (in fact, I have listened to it twice), but I have also flagged a few key takeaways from the time-codes listed below. If a topic sparks your fancy, just scroll to that point in the episode to listen!”

Time: 19 min 40 sec – “Possible vs probable” – Looking at your relationships with people (specifically a romantic partner) and think about what they can possibly achieve in this moment. Not what they could probably achieve in the future. All about having realistic expectations

Time: 21 min – 25 min – Focus on the importance of community. Discusses his work with the Seattle Seahawks (football team), how they build a community culture, and how necessary it is for the team’s success.

Time: 42 min – 32 sec – Importance of thoughts, words, and actions and how they all relate to each other. Dax also brings up an AA quote discussing the same thing.


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