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@ashadahya’s story

@ashadahya’s story: The pic from 2012 I look so skinny, I have a thigh gap, I have no stomach fat, no cellulite and I look so happy! Except I wasn’t. I was going through a rough divorce, my career was all over the place, my sense of identity was lost, and I was very insecure. I didn’t know what lay ahead for me in life, and at that stage I bought into the bullshit notion that if I had a good physical appearance, it would magically fix my insecurities, especially when it came to body image. But it didn’t. I had no sense of ownership over my body or my life and it felt like I was constantly being pulled in so many directions from religion, career pressure, pop culture, expectations, and more. I didn’t make choices that were healthy or even authentically me. ⁣

The pic from today couldn’t be a more different. I am currently 154lb, pregnant with my second child, have plenty of cellulite to share, no thigh gap, still carrying baby weight from my first pregnancy, but I’m wearing a GENUINE smile. In fact the only time when I’ve loved my body I’ve been pregnant. It feels so GOOD to unapologetically take up space in this world with my body as well as my voice. I hope I never lose this feeling of confidence in my body and sense of self. I owe a lot of it to yoga for teaching me that my body is my own, I get to shape and determine my identity, I don’t have to give up who I am to please others or live up to expectations, and my choices are my own. I’ve shed a LOT of emotional weight since 2012 and gained a true sense of self that I hope never leaves me. ⁣

I don’t often share a lot of in-depth personal stuff on IG but this was on my mind as I looked at the aforementioned two images of myself in different times wearing the same bikini. I have found that the world feels a little less lonely when we are willing to be vulnerable with the raw and real parts of ourselves. I know I need to do this more and am thankful for others who do this because it has helped me. It also made me realize how trivial it is that as a woman we waste SO much time thinking about our weight and appearance when we have SO much more of ourselves to offer to the world that is meaningful. #YESiAmMore
As #WorldMentalHealt

As #WorldMentalHealthDay winds to a close, let’s remember to be open, loving, and remember that mental health is important every day. Thank you for sharing your story @saratomko19 ♥️

@saratomko19’s story: It’s #worldmentalhealthday @aumentalhealth #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness So I thought I’d show you my two sides. The first is a picture taken truly in my happy place...confident, serene and calm. The other was a picture taken on set of a character I was portraying having a very rough day. What you should know about the second picture is that this is a version of me that didn’t take much time to prepare for or think about, I knew exactly what she was going through because I know exactly what anxiety and depression feels like. I have stared it in the face. I have fought many battles. I have had many of those same rough days. And I still do from time to time. Anxiety is a disease. It is not curable but it is manageable. You are not alone. What you should know about the first photo is that it took me 7 years to get to this honest place, a lot of therapy, self love, compassion, morning rituals, journaling, a trust circle of friends, family, volunteering, workouts, stillness & meditation. To get to said “happy” it’s no bullshit. It’s a lot of work but I’m here to tell you that it does pay off. Do the work, change your perspective, be kind to yourself. The tunnel does actually end you just have to make space for the magic. #YESiAmMore

Sometimes being vuln

Sometimes being vulnerable and honest with yourself and others is about sharing your struggle and ability to overcome addiction. Thank you for sharing your story 💖 #YESiAmMore

#repost: *TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY* This is unbelievably embarrassing but its reality.. On the left, running from the cops, strung out on heroine. Got arrested. I hated my life, myself. I wanted to die. Some days wished I’d just OD and get it over with. Then I’d stop letting everyone down. Stop hurting everyone I loved. I felt like I had nothing to live for. Most of my friends and family had given up on me. ⁣

There is a very select few that I will never forget that didn’t. The one thing I remember about this day was My dad, someone I butt heads more then anyone in this world. We fought. Said things you can’t take back. I broke his heart into a million pieces, more then once. And he was there for me when I didn’t deserve it. Months went by not talking to him after I left rehab for the 2nd time, in the middle of the night to go get high again. The next time I talked to him, I called him from jail in Oregon. His number was one of the very few that always stuck in my head. I didn’t expect him to accept my call. But still, after everything I’d done and put him through. You know what he did? He worked a 10 hr day, got off work, hopped straight in his truck and drove 8 hrs to pick me up on the side of the road in front of a old rusty motel, inside some strangers car that felt bad for me. I had nothing. Not even a jacket and it was freezing. She let me use her phone to call him when the 10 other people I asked before that turned the other way because I looked like a homeless crackhead. ⁣

He picked me up at 2 am. Drove 8 hrs back home. Dropped me off at his house. With someone watching over me. And drove straight back to work another 10 hrs.... I think about this day often... now being a parent I can’t imagine my daughter putting me through that. That pic makes me sick, I look on the outside how I felt on the inside, DEAD. But here I am on the happier then I ever imagined and 2 years clean! I thank god every single day for giving me my daughter and a second chance 🙏
@mandolinkelly’s s

@mandolinkelly’s story: ⬇️♥️⬇️⁣
In 2016 I reacted to the crisis in our Democracy by quitting the film industry and my Michelin Star Restaurant Job to support the Indigenous resistance camp at Standing Rock. The second time I went I witnessed the militarized eviction and a girl I was helping got severely burned in a fire at camp. For months I could not relate to “our reality”. It was like every cell in my body was on fire with adrenaline. Every conversation felt like life and death. It took time to relate to folks who aren’t aware of the trauma inflicted on innocent people around the world in the name of fossil fuel and mineral extraction. I had first hand exposure to a level of trauma that most of my peers have not experienced. It took lots of healing (prayer, ceremony and therapy) to feel even a little normal. Now I feel changed but more able to communicate with those without these deep trauma events. At the end of the day, even if you are on the tip of the wave of change, you must know there is an ocean behind you- you must make room at the table from love and generosity. Expanding my heart and experiences of compassion and meeting people where they are at- is the way I have learned how to cope and relate again. #YESiAmMore

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Anonymous Story:⁣

Anonymous Story:⁣ ⁣
Free fall. That’s what it felt like. For five years. A promotion that saw me working for a toxic manager and left me with me little choice but to wave my white flag and voluntarily step down in an attempt to save my sanity. But the damage was done. To my confidence and to my reputation.⁣

After losing that job several years later, my self talk was merciless. I was only liked until they got to know me better. I wasn’t cut out for “regular” jobs. Other people? Sure. But not me. I’m different. All the time for all the wrong reasons. So I gave up and made a few self-employed bucks in what they now call the “gig economy.”⁣

Fast forward, and I’m halfway through my third week at a new full time job. The kind I thought I’d never have again. And it’s actually going well, so far. Because I’m #morethanyousee. And, thankfully, more than I often see. ⁣

#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #mental #healthmatters #mindandbody #mindbodyspirit #wellnessjourney #selfloveclub #depression #health #anxiety #mentalillness #hope #wellness #mentalhealthmatters #stress #life #instamentalhealth #instawellness #stories #personalstories #instastory #lifestory
Anonymous Story:⁣

Anonymous Story:⁣ For years, I was programmed by my religious community to trust God for any and all healing. Medicine had its place, they would say, but the stories they all celebrated were the ones that didn’t involve any.⁣

At age 18, when my lifelong nervous IBS evolved into full-blown panic disorder, I was determined to find a way to be free from it. Without medication, of course.⁣

Agoraphobia kept me trapped inside my parents’ house for months, and every waking moment was filled with panic. Eventually, things did get easier, but over the next decade or so, I hit quite a few rough patches. And still, my “faith” kept me from reaching out for help from doctors and professionals.⁣

Five years ago, I finally broke, after a difficult time at my previous job. And I made the difficult decision to try to find a medication that could help me on my journey to freedom, which, as it turns out, is more about accepting my panic rather than somehow evicting it from my life. ⁣

Since then, I’ve tried several medications, looking for the best fit. And after four years, I thought perhaps life had calmed down enough for me to navigate without that form of help. A month after finishing my taper off of daily medication, symptoms I haven’t experienced in these four years have come knocking on my door and telling me they’d like to hang out and catch up.⁣

So here I am. Beginning again to take the medication that a part of me still resists, but realizing that instead of looking ok with disgust, God is reaching out a hand to me. And that hand looks a lot like a little pill I take with my breakfast. #YESiAmMore

#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #mental #morethanyousee #healthmatters #mindandbody #mindbodyspirit #wellnessjourney #selfloveclub #depression #health #anxiety #mentalillness #hope #wellness #mentalhealthmatters #stress #life #instamentalhealth #instawellness #stories #personalstories #instastory #lifestory #medicationmonday

@thelittleveggie’s story: PTIC - Post Travel Identity Crisis.
I'm labelling it, cause I got it & I'm not afraid to talk about it.
Maybe you’re like "WTF" or maybe you've also travelled for a long period of time and like me have found it hard to fit back into normal life.
I gotta say, the last 3 months have been some of the most challenging yet. That's a big call for me, I was 26 and divorced, I lost a parent in the same year, I've dealt with a lot, so has everyone.
When on the road I knew exactly who I was, a free spirit who's heart was full and eyes were fixed on the next destination. I thought I was doing the work on myself, that I was set.

The real work came while trying to navigate my way back into normal life and establish who I am, where I fit in and how I was going to maintain all of my practices whilst diving full swing back into the daily grind. You know, the one where you can only eat at certain times, have to wake up to alarms everyday and have huge sums of money come outa your account every month. 😏

The truth is, I don't fit into life as I once did. I am a different person. A better version of myself & I've made a promise to myself that I will not dim her down or let her get influenced by other peoples advice, negativity or even toxicity for that matter.
I've had to heal some really deep pain, acknowledge some really shitty behavioural traits and let go of really deeply ingrained thought processes to get to this point.
I'm still on a journey of discovering myself and what I really want in this lifetime but I'm staying in my own lane and sharing little bits here and there cause I know we all got stuff going on and it's worth knowing you're not alone.
Maybe you don't have PTIC
*Please note, I made that acronym up, it's not a known medical disorder* it's just the easiest way to decribe the feels.
It's not only travel that can make you feel that way, it can be approaching a milestone birthday, coming out of a break up, becoming a mother, kids leaving the nest. There are so many situations that can make us question who we really are.
If you’re feeling the same way, I just want to say, I am here for you, you’re not alone ❤️ #yesiammore

Anonymous Story: Jus

Anonymous Story: Just when I thought I had my anxiety under control, I have a freaking panic attack at my psychiatrist’s office.  It was so embarrassing.  I had honestly felt so good the past few weeks.  Nothing to worry about and nothing to trigger anxiety.  What happened?  Well it was a follow up visit.  One I’ve done several times with my doctor.  She’s a great doctor.  Love what’s she’s done for me.  But this time, they had me wait in an exam room for her, and not her office.  That’s sent my mind off.  I kept thinking why, am I here and not her office.  Thought after thought built on top of one another and I broke out in a cold sweat.  Heart beating fast.  They had one of those fancy fans you see at Brookstone there and I turned it on full blast and put my face against it.  I had to get up and walk around. I paced and paced.  I had to do something.  So I sat back down and tried to clear my thoughts.  I took of my glasses and I fell asleep!  I woke up when she came in.  I told her what happened and she talked me through it.  She said anxiety can sneak up on you when you least expect it.  Here I was in probably the safest place I could be, and I had a panic attack!  So embarrassing.  I’m so glad my psychiatrist is a listener.  Like a therapist, you should make sure you have the right doctor.  I’ve been to another doctor before and all he did was look at a questionnaire I filled out and prescribed something.  No talking or anything.  He was just a dispensary.  That’s not what I needed.  But my new doctor.  She’s great.  She will listen and try to understand.
Those of you suffering from anxiety, please don’t be afraid to get help.  It’s a looong process.  Here I was thinking things were under control, and I lost it so quickly!
Keep pushing forward and make sure you have a good support system.  There’s still plenty of people out there who think mental illness isn’t serious.  I used to be one of those.  If you ever need anything, reach out to a friend!  Heck, reach out here on this wonderful platform set us for us to share. You are not alone.  I am not alone.  I read your stories and I feel and know what you all are going through. #YESiAmMore #anxiety