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Thank you for being interested in sharing your experience with the community.

If you have any questions, always feel free to email us at to ask.


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  • Your experience: Please share your experience with anxiety, depression, stress, eating disorders, feelings of failure, losing someone etc. Anything you want to share with the community. The format can be in whatever text form you want. Short story, poem, song, etc. (Please make sure it is original, or you give attribution to the author). Please keep the story to 350 words or less (for Instagram caption purposes)
  • Your photo: If you would like to share a photo (or you are welcome to share anonymously. If you would like to share a photo, it will have TWO parts. One photo that shows your external persona, brand, the mask you wear etc., and one showing a part of yourself that you normally hide from the world.
  • Resources: The third part of the story is any resources that you use to help cope with your struggles. If you don’t have any, totally fine! That’s what this site is for. Our hope is that you share your own mental health tools, and it helps someone else in the community that is experiencing something similar.

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*DISCLAIMER: By submitting your story, you are granting More Than You See rights to post, repost and share your story and all information included. If you are unsure or uncomfortable revealing your identity, please let us know you wish to remain anonymous. Authors of the story warrants that the story, any aspects of the story, and photos are original, accurate and do not infringe on any copyright.*

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